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Circuit Court Clerk
Kim Hambrick - Circuit Court Clerk


Switzerland County Courthouse - First Floor
212 West Main Street
Vevay, In 47043


Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri - 8:00am - 3:30pm
Thursday - 8:00am - 12:00pm


The Circuit Court Clerk is ... more/less info
a constitutional officer of the county. The clerk is assigned the responsibility of many of the administrative functions of the county courts along with other non-court related government duties.


The Clerk of the Circuit Court is responsible for the smooth administration of the County Elections.

The Clerk receives filings of candidacy from persons seeking certain elective public offices and issues certificates of election to successful local candidates except in the cases of constitutional officers, who receive their commissions from the Governor.

The Clerk serves as an ex-officio member and secretary of the county election board and as a member and clerk of the county board of canvassers. The clerk appoints the other members of the county election board and the board of canvassers.

The Clerk makes sure all election polling sites meet state and federal guidelines and insures that election workers are trained.


The Clerk maintains all records of pleadings, motions, papers, evidence and court rulings of the court. The clerk also issues summonses and subpoenas to witnesses ordering them to appear in court.

The Clerk issues marriage licenses, records, maintains oaths of offices, election duties, keeps a record of all judgments, orders and decrees of the court.

The Clerk also must certify an attest to complete transcripts of court proceedings involving title to property, the imposition of prison sentences and in all court cases where a complete court record is required.

The clerk, in the presence of the jury commissioners, draws the names of prospective jurors for juries and issues summonses to prospective jurors.

The Clerk collects court costs, fines and money judgments levied by the court. In the case of a money judgment, the clerk pays the money to a person or entity entitled to the judgment. In recent years, the collection of child support has become a major responsibility of the clerk's office.


Deputy Circuit Court Clerk
Rita Brogan - 1st Deputy Circuit Court Clerk
Ginger Peters - 2nd Deputy Circuit Court Clerk
Shona Yazell - Child Support Deputy
Lulu Belle Thomas - Voter Registration
Meagan Kilborn - Voter Registration

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Proposed Amendment

posted on May 27 2014 by KIM HAMBRICK from Circuit Court Clerk

Notice of Proposed Amendment To Local Rules


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