Switzerland County Seal
Shelter Manager

Keli Gabbard - Shelter Manager


(P) 812.534.3090

(F) 812.534.3647


Mailing Address

12468 McCreary's Ridge

Florence, IN 47020

Physical Location - East Enterprise


Mon, Tue, Fri - 10am - 3:30pm

Thu 10am - 5pm

8am - 12pm


Animal Control is charged with the responsibility of balancing the safety of the community against stray and unlicensed animals, with ensuring that all animals within the County are treated as humanely as possible.

Animal Control educates the public concerning humane ethics, consequences of pet overpopulation and their responsibilities as pet owners.

Animal Control makes a monthly report to the Board of Commissioners regarding the animal control program in Switzerland County.

Animal Control has the authority to impound any animal found running at large not under reasonable control...

Impound any dog that has bitten a person or another animal...

Impound any dangerous animal...

Humanely destroy any domestic or wild animal when such action is needed to protect persons or property or to prevent suffering by the animal...

Impound any animal showing symptoms of rabies or which has bitten or been bitten by another animal showing symptoms of rabies...

Impound any animal that does not display a current rabies vaccination tag.


Tara Hite - Animal Control Officer


Assistant Animal Control Officer

Roger Cooley - Assistant Animal Control Officer


Switzerland County, Indiana

Animal Control





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