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Outdoor Warning Siren Testing

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posted on 2014-01-03 by from emergency-management

Switzerland County will begin monthly Outdoor Warning Siren testing for the Town of Vevay and the Town of Patriot on the first Thursday of the month at noon, starting in the month of March, and run through the month of November 2017. These tests will last approximately one minute. If a real emergency were to occur, the sirens would sound several times for 3 minute increments. If you have any questions concerning the siren testing please contact Switzerland County Emergency Management Agency at 812-427-4301. Please share this information with your family and friends to avoid any confusion. Also the March Live TOR Code test will be Tuesday, March 22,2017. It will be Radio Stations interrupting the broadcast for an announcement similar to the usual monthly test. Broadcast, Cable and Satellite TV Stations will have a Text Crawl across the screen.There not expected to interrupt broadcasting. The National Weather Service Radios properly set to receive a Tornado warning, should activate when the test is received.... Be Prepared, Be Safe... EMA Director: Thomas Moore